My name is Andrew Remillard, son of Don and Bev Remillard, husband of Diane and father to Katie, Kyle and Kaleb. I could go through and list my traditional accomplishments such as schooling, teachers, the jobs I have had etc. but that would be a very inaccurate way of describing my life.

A better way to understand the point of reference you would call my life is that of a journey, on the road less traveled, where I am continuously coming to the end of my exploration, arriving again where I started and knowing this place for the first time.

This journey has been made largely behind the keys of the piano and at the feet of its masters. My interests have varied widely within this limited space; from years of intensive study, becoming a master piano rebuilder, a long study of cognitive psychology in relationship to music, I opened a retail piano store, and I have even been paid to write about my favorite subject very sporadically. Now I think it is time to be less sporadic.

The field of piano technology is very physically demanding. Pianos are very heavy and many of their components are heavy all by themselves. As I have aged, I am less able to bring the same physical presence to bear on my activities. As I have a willing spirit but a less willing body I think this is an appropriate time to share some of the insights I have gain along the way.

As I debated whether this new endeavor was worthwhile, I wondered would anybody care? Did I have anything useful to say? I am certainly no world famous pianist, I have been taught by some, and some of my students have chosen music as their profession, but I have had limited success here also. Yet, I believe, within in the context of my own struggle and learning others may gain something.

We are all the sum of our experiences. Each of us has a unique understanding of our world and our place within it. I would hope what I share may help you in your own journey down the road which is uniquely your own. I welcome all comments and even harsh criticisms, but above all I invite you to share some of your own journey with me.

Andrew Remillard

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